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Guitar Values

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There are several factors that determine a guitar’s values.  A lot of people, particularly guitar enthusiasts, often ask experts on how to identify guitar values, especially when they have plans on selling their guitars.  The value of a guitar, whether it is a Fender, a Gibson, or a Martin, is usually determined by playability, age, beauty, and quality, but in this article the main factors that will help determine guitar values are enumerated as follows:

  • The first factor is based on the information available about your guitar, which includes brand, model, and serial number.  Usually the brand and the model are already identified through the serial number.
  • Next, you have to know the exact condition of the guitar.  The condition dictates the guitar values, so here are some guidelines you can follow:

o      100% new – this means the guitar is made with new materials and comes with warranty, owner’s manual, case, and other items included in the package.  Note:  a guitar is only priced at its 100% value if it hasn’t been sold at retail stores yet.

o      Excellent – this condition is divided between High Excellency and Low Excellency.  High Excellency usually means the guitar is hardly used and clean.  Low Excellency refers to guitars that has been used, already accumulated some minor scratches, light dings, and small chips.

o      Average – this condition means the guitar has been used by the player for quite some time already.  Average guitars are either have normal dents, small chips and dings, but at times it could have major scratches or have gone through finishes or replacements.

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You need to have some idea of the note values and a basic understanding of time signatures and tempo. Now many insurance companies are following the same requirements. Conventional music notation has much more to communicate than tabs, but if you already know more or less how the song sounds, and are prepared to work at your own interpretation, then there is nothing wrong with using tablature. This attitude is at odds with the idea that the more theoretical knowledge you have, the greater the pool of resources at your disposal for expressing your ideas. They may give those a separate serial number system.

Besides the serial number, you have to look at the features of the guitar. The serial number might reflect which plant it was manufactured. A manufacture might make a special run of guitars. Even though there's a legal dogfight going on about tab publishers infringing the rights of the original composer, many tabs are still available for free. The appraisal reports should state where the appraiser gathered the information and include the appraiser's credentials showing their experience with guitars and formal education in appraisal studies. That is what guitar tabs were originally made for.

However you need to exercise your discernment when making use of tablature produced by amateur guitarists. Some of the codes tell me year, month, day, and production number. Finally a reminder that using electric guitar tabs to learn new material is not a walk in the park - you need to supply some of the information which is otherwise written into sheet music. The client's photos are not used because the photo could have been taken 10 years prior. Many people just want to know what their guitar is worth to be able to sell it.

Guitarists composing music using tabs and sharing the results of their work on the internet have brought a wide range of music within reach of amateur musicians who never learnt to read music. The report might also have a glossary of terms so a judge, an attorney, or insurance adjuster, who is not familiar with the details of a guitar, can understand the report. With each year, small improvements or changes were made. An old photo might not show a bowed neck. To some guitarists learning to read music is a waste of time that would be put to better use expressing their feelings through music.

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